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Intelligent developer platform for Cloud and Edge using WASM.


Build fast and run fast


Tiny wasm output, start up quickly and less attack surface

User Friendly

Easy to learn, easy to use without any installation

> moon new hello
> cd hello
> cat main/main.mbt
fn main {
> moon run main
Hello, world!

The Full-Product Collaborative Design

  • The collaborative design of programming language, compiler, build system, and IDE ensures the integrity of the system, reduces component friction, and improves overall efficiency
  • Generate significantly smaller WASM output than any existing solutions

Programming Language

  • Moonbit language designed specifically for WebAssembly. Provide multiple backends including JavaScript and Native
  • Support multiple programming paradigm including functional and object oriented
  • Simple yet practical type system, data oriented language design. Developer with any background can start immediately

Compiler and build system

  • State of art compile time performace
  • Fast runtime performance using whole program optimizations
  • Support incremental and parallel compilation, handle large-scale programming scenarios smoothly

Integrated Development Environment

  • Ultra fast response speed, get local development experience at cloud
  • Develop in your favorite web browser with LSP implemented in JavaScript

Evolutionary direction & Product launching plan