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Weekly 09-25

· 2 min read

In August 2023, MoonBit underwent Alpha testing. This post aims to introduce recent updates to MoonBit's language and toolchain, along with applications developed using MoonBit.

Changes in MoonBit Language

1. Support for Bitwise Operations in Int64

MoonBit now supports bitwise operations for the Int64 data type. The currently supported operators are as follows:

  println( // bitwise and
println(0x7fL.lor(-1L)) // bitwise or
println(0x7fL.lxor(-1L)) // bitwise xor
println(0x7fL.asr(2L)) // arithmetic shift right
println(0x7fL.lsl(2L)) // logic shift left
println(0x7fL.lsr(2L)) // logic shift right
println(0x7fL.clz()) // count leading zero
println(0x7fL.ctz()) // count trailing zero
println(0x7fL.popcnt()) // count the amount of 1s

2. Reinterpret Support between Int64 and Float Data Types

MoonBit enables reinterpretation between 64-bit integers and 64-bit floating-point numbers. This means we can obtain a 64-bit floating-point number from a 64-bit integer by bitwise copying each bit, and vice versa.

  println(3.14.reinterpret_as_i64())  // output: 4614253070214989087
print_float(4614253070214989087L.reinterpret_as_f64()) // output: 3.14

1. Tetris Game Developed With MoonBit

This week, the MoonBit gallery added a Tetris game. We can modify the code in real-time on the IDE to view the running effect, such as changing the background color and the speed of block falling.

Please experience it here:


2. Awesome-MoonBit

MoonBit has been officially in Alpha testing for over a month, during which a number of interesting projects implemented using MoonBit have emerged. As a result, we have created the Awesome-MoonBit project to help everyone learn MoonBit better and understand the projects currently developed with MoonBit.