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weekly 2024-02-05

· One min read

MoonBit Update

  1. Introduced support for multi-line strings, requiring each line to commence with #|. Multi-line strings allow for breaks and comments between lines, but do not support escape sequences or string interpolation.

  1. Functional loop: A functional style loop. Here, continue is only allowed at the position of tail recursion calls, and within the loop, break can be used to return a value early.

  1. Added support for Trait::method calls: Enables calling trait methods in the form of Debug::debug_write(self, buf).

  1. Supported implicit conversion to trait objects. When a trait object is explicitly required in the context, as SomeTrait will be automatically inserted. For example, in the code below:

Now we can omit as Debug.

  1. Supported inlay hints for function parameters.

  1. Strings and character literals now support Unicode escapes, hexadecimal escapes, and octal escapes.