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weekly 2023-12-25

· 2 min read

MoonBit Update

01. Added built-in type Result

enum Result[T, E] {

02. Added the question mark operator

A new question mark operator has been introduced to simplify error handling:

fn may_fail() -> Option[Int] { ... }

fn compose_may_fail() -> Option[String] {
let x = may_fail()?
let y = may_fail()?.lsr(3)
Some ((x + y).to_string())

The semantics of the question mark operator are: if t in t? results in None, then t? is equivalent to return None (exiting the current function). If t? results in Some(x), then t? is equivalent to x. Besides Option type, the question mark operator can also be used with Result type:

fn may_error() -> Result[Int, String] { ... }

fn compose_may_error() -> Result[Int, String] {
let x = may_error()?
let y = may_error()?
if y == 0 {
return Err("divide by zero")
Ok (x / y)

03. The keyword interface has been changed to trait

Based on community feedback, the keyword interface has been changed to trait, and the interface keyword is temporarily retained. trait|486x340

04. Modified the logic for dead code elimination

Top-level let statements not used are always considered removable, regardless of side effects. For example,

let a = 1       // will be removed
let b: T = f(a) // will be removed
fn init {
.. // a and b are not used

If the function f has side-effects, move it to fn init { .. } to prevent it from being removed.

05. Fixed issues where the code formatting tool did not correctly handle Chinese comments.

06. Fixed issues with handling Chinese global identifiers.

IDE Update

01. Added an option to control whether moon check starts automatically.

VSCode users can use moonbit.autoMoonCheck.enable in settings.json to control whether moon check starts automatically. Or, you can search "moonbit:" in the settings.

02. Fixed a bug where derive(Show) incorrectly reported errors.

Before the fix:

After the fix:

Build System Update

01. Added the moon doc command for generating and previewing documentation.

moon doc --serve will create documentation based on markdown comments in the code and launch a web server locally. Accessing the provided link allows you to view the results.