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weekly 2023-11-20

· One min read

In November 2023, MoonBit underwent Alpha testing. This post aims to introduce recent updates to MoonBit's language and toolchain, along with applications developed using MoonBit.

Changes in MoonBit Language

  • Optimized the compilation process for top-level functions without indirect calls, resulting in approximately a 14% improvement in compilation performance.

  • Enhanced error recovery and reporting in the parser:

    • Fixed the issue where top-level function declarations without parameters, such as fn f2 {}, were allowed to compile without parentheses. Now, this will result in an error:

  • Code that attempts to set visibility for individual constructors of an enum type will now result in an error:
priv enum T {
pub B(Int)
priv C(Int)

  • Fixed issues in dead code analysis where unused types or fields were incorrectly reported as unused.