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weekly 2024-06-11

· 2 min read

Language Update

  • Wasm MVP: Added reference counting support based on the Perceus algorithm to the Wasm1 backend.

  • Syntax: throw, raise, try, and catch are reserved as keywords in preparation for the upcoming error handling mechanism.

  • Core: List and sorted_map have been moved to core/immut

    • List has been moved to the core/immut/list package and is no longer supported as a built-in type.
    let a = @immut/list.List::Cons(1, Cons(2, Nil))
    • sorted_map has been moved to the core/immut/sorted_map package.
  • Core: JSON API has been optimized for better performance and to align with the new Core API.

    • New type definitions:
// Types and methods
pub enum JsonValue {
// Previously Boolean(Bool)
Object(Map[String, JsonValue]) // Previously @map.Map
  • JS: Optimized Int64 performance
    • On the JS backend, Int64 now compiles to two Int values, addressing the previous performance issues with compiling to BigInt. Additionally, the runtime implementation of Int64 in JS has been moved to the core standard library to facilitate open-source community review.

Build System Update

  • For moon.mod.json and moon.pkg.json, comments are supported when developing, but comments are not allowed when publishing (only standard JSON format is supported).

IDE Update

  • LSP: Function completion now displays parameter names. LSP.png