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weekly 2024-06-24

· One min read

Language Update

  • Support 32-bit unsigned integers

    let num = 100U // Literal for 32-bit unsigned integers requires the 'U' suffix
  • WASM Backend Export Improvements

    When exporting functions with a return type of Unit in the WASM backend, the exported function previously had a type of (result i32). Now, the MoonBit compiler will automatically generate and export a wrapper function with no return value.

  • moonbitlang/core API Consistency Adjustments

    • Unified forall/exist and all/any to all/any
    • Unified contains and member to contains

IDE Updates

  • Bug Fix

    Fixed a bug where the type prefix would be lost when renaming methods.

  • Enhancement

    Added autocomplete functionality for match clauses of try ... catch ... expressions.

Build System Updates

  • Diagnostic Information Rendering

    Added an experimental feature for rendering diagnostic information. This can be enabled by setting the environment variable MOON_RENDR=1.


  • Command Changes

    Changed the moon bench command to moon generate-build-matrix. The bench subcommand will be used for future purposes.