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weekly 2024-01-08

· 2 min read

MoonBit Update

  • Now we have removed the interface keyword officially, replacing it with trait.

  • Based on community feedback, we've introduced the syntax let mu t id = expr to replace var id = expr. Support for var id = expr will be removed next week.

  • Added Default implementation for the Array type:

fn init {
debug(Array::default()) // []
  • Added Default, Eq, and Debug implementations for the List type:
fn init {
let l1: List[_] = Cons(1, Cons(2, Cons(3, List::default())))
let l2: List[_] = Cons(1, Cons(2, Cons(4, Nil)))
debug(l1) // Cons(1, Cons(2, Cons(3, Nil)))
debug(l1 == l2) // false
debug(l2 == l2) // true
  • Fixed type checking for public function bodies. For example:
priv type T
pub fn f() {
let t: T = ... // public definition cannot depend on private type

This used to cause an error in T, it will no longer result in such an issue.

Plugin Update

  • We've integrated the MoonBit AI, now available at, feel free to try it.

  • Resolved several issues to enhance the stability of the LSP, preventing unexpected crashes.

Build System Update

  • Fixed an issue where moon test would test packages in the .mooncakes folder.

  • Deprecated moon check --daemon.

  • Improved error messages for incorrect format or content in moon.pkg.json.